Tube Rolling and Bending


Tube Rolling and Bending Service


In the processes of a project, there is a need to bend certain profiles to give a certain solution to the design. From this Oxnard Steel raises the effective possibility of bending some of the different types of profiles and steel tubes available in the market. To respond to these existing requirements.
As you can imagine, the formation of a curve with a profile varies according to the type of profile and the direction of the curvature and requires control of the deformations on the inside or concave side of the curved profile and on the outside or convex side of the profile . If these efforts exceed certain limits, cracks, tears and deformations in the profile can be produced that affect their structural behavior and also their appearance.
In our workshops we have the facilities that allow them to solve these challenges. Since we have a specific service of high specialization of metal transformation. The most frequent and most accessible bending process is usually the cold process, in which, by means of a set of three rollers or hydraulically controlled deforming cylinders, the different types of profiles are subjected to a controlled deformation process that avoids excessive stresses on the traction and compressed faces of the profile. For each type of profile and for each dimension, a set of rollers or jaws must be available that adapt to it.

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